20W Portable Laser Marking Machine
20W Portable Laser Marking Machine
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Class 1 laser marking machine for Jewelry, Souvenir, Tag, etc.
Marking field size from 3.93″ x 3.93″ up to 6.29″ x 6.29″, customizable.
Laser engraving and laser cutting system.
Color marking on stainless steel and titanium.
Good marking quality on sensitive and critical non-metal materials.

Laser source available in 6kW up to 60kW.
Available bed sizes from 120″ x 60″ up to 320″ x 100″, customizable.
Max.Acceleration 3G, high-dynamic & high-productivity.
Fully enclosed machine with OD 5+ laser glass windows.
Low N2 pressure cut, less cutting time of the same batch, up to 67% gas saving.

Laser Depaneling PCB Machine HDZ- UVC3030

Laser depaneling machine for PCB and related industry.
Fully automated system of PCBs depaneling, sorting and stacking.
UV Laser for rigid and flexible substrate cutting and marking.
Cutting capacity up to 0.004″ to 0.07″ thickness.
PCBA processing is achievable.

Multiple functions welding, cleaning and cutting 3 in 1 integrated system.
4 time faster than MIG or TIG welder.
Easy to learn and use.
Small welding seam with minimal thermal influence.
Easy maintenance and few consumable parts to change.

We Promise To Find You The Right Equipment
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We Promise To Find You The Right Equipment
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