IC Automated Laser Soldering System

IC Automated Laser Soldering System

IC Automated Laser Soldering System

The IC automated laser soldering system is a fully automated custom assembly line. The IC components on the PCB board are soldered by laser soldering machine. The system transports the fixture in a pipelined manner, and the PCB is manually loaded onto the fixture. The fixtures are transported to various automatic operation stations through the assembly line, and the products are produced through automatic flux dispensing, automatic IC feeding, and automatic welding.

Soldering of ICs to PCB boards is the most basic process for circuit board processing. This automatic soldering technology solution, adopting manipulator feeding and laser soldering, provides a new solution for the entire processing technology, and this solution can be compatible with various PCBs and ICs, breaking through the restrictions of ICs. It provides new processes and new ideas for the application industry.

Application Field
All kinds of PCB and IC laser welding are compatible, strong versatility.

System Features

  • Fully automatic assembly line, fully automatic production process, greatly improves production efficiency, saving manpower and cost.
  • Modular design allows for automatic adjustment of programs and structures to be compatible with soldering of different PCB products. It can seamlessly and quickly switch between different products, with great versatility and convenience.
  • Feeding by means of robot and CCD real-time monitoring greatly improves the accuracy and speed of loading
  • Han’s Laser’s self-developed dispensing flux valve body and temperature-controlled laser can accurately meet the needs of PCB board and IC soldering to meet the high-efficiency needs of users.

Live video of production.


System Parameters

IC Automated Laser Soldering System
Control MethodIndustrial PC + PLC + Motion Control Card
Driving MethodServo Motor + Three-phase Motor + Pneumatic Components
Machine Size4700mm*1800mm*1900mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy of Servo Platform 0.02mm
IC Welding Accuracy   0.05mm
Degree of AutomationManually loading and unloading of PCB, Automatic loading of IC, Automatic soldering
Workbench Power Demand220 V / 50 Hz
Machine Power< 7 kw
Machine Weight4000 kg


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