Handheld Laser Welder

Handheld Laser Welder

Han’s Laser latest 3-in-1 laser welding, cleaning, cutting machine is an all-in-one laser system with handheld laser gun to cut & weld metal, and clean rust, paint, resin, coating, oil, stains.

– Ideal for stainless sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet as well as aluminum sheet welding.

– The HW-D adopts an integrated design with a compact size suitable for various working environments.

HW-D is the smallest and lightest laser welding system in Han’s laser welding products. Less skilled operators can produce the same results.


● Han’s laser handheld welding machine is an All-In-One handheld fiber laser welder that includes CW/pulse output mode.
● Compared with traditional TIG welders, HW-D handheld laser welder enables up to 4 times faster speed.
● Safety designed features can maximum protect the operator.
● Wobble welding technology, adjustable focal length, and operates with the highest process consistency features secured the high-quality products of HW-D in the laser industry.


☑ The hand held metal laser welding machine laser wobble range is between 0mm-5mm.
☑ The laser mode can be set through the control system by continuous wave or the pulse wave.
☑ The width of the weld seam can be customized through the swing amplitude, which solves the defect of traditional hand-held laser welding that requires high weld seams. The welding fault tolerance rate has been improved.
☑ The wire feeder design can be fed during the welding process automatically, which is suitable for industry and household use.
☑ The hand-held laser welding gun is more flexible and convenient, meets welding at various angles and positions.
☑ The welding seam is beautiful and firm, and the operation is simple, fast, flexible, and low in processing cost.

handheld laser welder

☑ Compared with traditional argon arc welding and TIG welding, the efficiency has a huge increase.
☑ Compared to common laser welding, HW-D wobble laser welding best for wider seam welding and deep penetration welding.
Easier to operate and provides consistent, high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses with a minimized heat-affected zone to secure aesthetic finish.

Low electric consumption, low noise operation, No special temperature conditions required, welding dissimilar, and high melting point metals are the well-known advantages of the laser welding machine. Laser beam welding is a welding technique used to join pieces of metal through the use of a laser. The beam provides a concentrated heat source, allowing for narrow, deep welds and high welding rates. Laser processing has proven to be a high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing process requiring minimal tooling. Reduced tooling / fixturing makes laser processing ideal for prototype development.

Laser Power Options
Material and Thickness
Stainless Steel 1.5mm (0.06”)
Carbon Steel 1.5mm (0.06”)
Galvanized Sheet  1.2mm (0.047”)
Aluminum 1.2mm (0.047”)
Stainless Steel 3.5mm (0.13”)
Carbon Steel 3.5mm (0.13”)
Galvanized Sheet  3.5mm (0.13”)
Aluminum 3.5mm (0.13”)
Stainless Steel  4.0mm (0.16”) Ar
 Carbon Steel 4.0mm (0.16”)Ar
Galvanized Sheet 4.0mm (0.16”)Ar
 Aluminum 4.0mm (0.16”)N2

Application and Samples

– The HW-D laser welding machines can be used in a wide range of industries such as kitchens, household appliances, advertising, molds, stainless steel doors and windows, handicrafts, household goods, furniture, auto parts, etc. It is also common in Firearms, Gift & Accessories, sheet metal, PCB, tools, advertisement, Medical, Packaging, Electronic, Semiconductor, etc.
– Handheld laser welder is a good substitution of the traditional electric welding, argon arc welding, and other processes.
– Portable design for lap welding, edge welding, angle welding, tailoring welding, fillet welding, etc.
– The handheld laser cleaner can clean a variety of materials, such as metal, stone, wood, and oil, etc.

Technical Specs

Laser Power Options1Kw, 1.5Kw, 2KwWelding Thickness Range0.5-5 mm
Working ModeContinuous/AdjustableCooling MethodWater Cooling
Wavelength1070 nmDimensions 1085mm*580*1125mm
Fiber Optics LengthStandard 10 m (32 ft) Weight 275Kg
Welding Speed Range0-120 mm/sVoltage 220 V Single Phase  or 380 V, depend on the laser power

Options and Accessories

handheld laser cleaner


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Wire feeder


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