HF MINI High Power Sheet Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

HF MINI High Power Sheet Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

HF MINI sheet laser metal cutter fully enclosed design with high-grade laser glass windows offers protection against laser radiation and minimizes pollution, creating a healthier workspace.

The HF MINI maximizes space efficiency, allowing easy access to key components for maintenance and flexibility in installation.

It features expandable cutting options for scalability, user-friendly operational controls for efficiency, and a robust design for handling heavy materials.


● Max. Axis positioning speed (XY) 169m/min
● Laser cutting equipment available power: 6kW-40kW
● Fully enclosed machine with OD 5+ laser glass windows
● 25% Space Saving, compact design with maintenance-friendly access
● Single cutting table 3×1.5m optional easily extend to 3x9m / 3x13m / 3x16m cutting area
● Ultra-high power suitable, hollow structure machine bed
● Stronger exchange table design, heavy load capacity for thick material


Laser Cutting Safety

Laser Cutting Safety

Fully Enclosed Design with OD 5+ Laser Glass Windows:

  • Shields eyes and skin from laser radiation.
  • Minimizes noise pollution.
  • Decreases smoke pollution from cutting processes.
  • Ensures a healthier and more productive working environment.
25% Space Saving

25% Space Saving

Compact design with maintenance-friendly access.

It cleverly integrates the electrical cabinet, laser source, pneumatic and lubrication systems, as well as the table drive motors right into the main frame. This thoughtful integration not only makes the setup flexible and easy to install but also enhances the efficiency of using production space. It minimizes the machine’s physical footprint, leading to savings on shipping costs and maximizing the available workspace.

Expandable Cutting Table

This model features a basic 3×1.5m cutting table that can be optionally expanded to areas of 3x9m, 3x13m, or 3x16m, allowing for versatile project sizes.

  • Lower investment into high power laser cutting business;
  • Lager cutting area available as an option;
  • Plasma cut replacement possible.

Ultra-High Power Suitable & Work Environment Friendly

HF MINI laser metal cutting machine is designed to accommodate ultra-high power applications, featuring a hollow structure in the machine bed to prevent deformation from heat generated by high-power lasers, thus ensuring higher productivity.

It also boasts an efficient cutting work environment, equipped with a dust suction system that separates and removes dust effectively across multiple zones. This not only maintains a cleaner cutting area but also minimizes the risk of the cutting head becoming contaminated.

Work Environment Friendly

More Accessible, More Flexible, Heavy Load Capacity for Thick Material

This system is user-friendly and adaptable, featuring an adjustable operating terminal alongside a front door and an extended side sliding door. This design simplifies the process of loading and unloading a wide range of small items, ensuring quicker response times for demonstration cuts and offering bevel cutting as an additional option.

It also boasts a robust exchange table design, capable of handling heavy materials. This ensures not only top-notch cutting quality but also ergonomic loading and unloading for smaller pieces.

High Cutting Accuracy

The laser cutting system delivers high-speed and high-efficiency performance, thanks to its professional manufacturing process that incorporates high-precision core transmission components. This not only ensures a long lifespan for its parts but also guarantees that the dimensions of the cut pieces are accurate and consistent.

Arm Loading/Unloading Solution

Strong technical support and many project experience, offer various automation solutions according to customer reguirement.

Arm Loading Unloading Solution

Larger Cutting Area

Increased cutting area, be able to cut AS ( American standard ) sheet in “inch” size.

Laser Cutting Gases Mix-M Device

Gas mixing cabinet patent of Han’s Laser (Optional)

This device is particularly effective when used with lasers of 20kW power or more, making it ideal for swiftly cutting carbon steel plates ranging from 10 to 40mm in thickness. It addresses common issues associated with cutting medium to thick plates, such as slag at the cut sections and corners, and significantly improves both the taper and surface smoothness of the workpiece. This results in a notable boost in both processing speed and the accuracy of the final piece.

  • Cut speed is faster than cut with compressed air;
  • Cut Plate is thicker than cut with compressed air;
  • Cut quality is better than cut with compressed air.

Lower Gas Consumption

Low N2 pressure cut
Faster cutting speed, less cutting time of the same batch, up to 67% Gas Saving.

Lower Gas Consumption

Technical Specs

ModelG3015 HF MINI
Available Laser Power6kW/12kW/20kW/30kW/40kW
Working Area120” X 60” ( 3100mmx1600mm )
Max. Axis Positioning Speed (X/Y)169m/min
Max. Acceleration1.7G
Max. Sheet Weight4740lbs/table ( 2150kg/table )


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