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Laser Depaneling PCB Machine HDZ- UVC3030

Laser Depaneling PCB Machine HDZ- UVC3030

– Laser de-paneling machine for PCB and related industry.

– The UV laser depaneling machine is assembled with a state-of-the-art 355nm Draco laser module, with fine-tuning, which ensures consistent, high-quality cutting on the fiberglass material (FR4) and flexible PCB.

– The cold working method produces small heat-affected zones(HAZ), minimizes the charring, and makes minimal mechanical and thermal stress, distortion-free.

– Equipped with user-friendly software support with a quick parameter setting that produces a clean cut without damaging the substrate and components of the PCBA.


● A turn-key design.
● A 2D bar code and serial numbers can be marked with the machine.
● SW control can quickly process any complex contours, no die cost.
● PCBA processing is achievable.
● The cutting capacity of the machine is up to 0.004″ to 0.07″ thickness.
● Selectable working field size and laser power to meet specific demand.


The UV laser is 355 nm wavelength, with a “cold marking” method, the laser beam diameter is only 20 μm after focusing, the UV laser’s pulse energy comes in contact with the material in the microsecond. There is no significant thermal influence next to the slit, so no heat damages the electronic component.
UV Laser is suitable for rigid and flexible substrate cutting and marking, like FR4 substrates and imitation resin-based materials, polyimide, ceramics, PTFE, polyester, aluminum, brass, and copper, etc.
☑ UV laser processing is non-contact processing, stress-free, and will not deform the board.
☑ It will not produce dust, the cutting edges are smooth and tidy, and there will be no burrs.
☑ PCBA processing is achievable
☑ Any graphics can be processed by Han’s Laser specified software.
☑ Capable of making FPC, Rigid printed circuit board laser singulation
☑ The cutting capacity of the machine is up to 0.004″ to 0.07″ thickness.
☑ Able to mark 1D, 2D barcode, GS1 code, Series numbers.
☑ A two-dimensional linear moving stage and high-resolution CCD guarantees high accuracy and precision.
Laser Depaneling PCB Machine

☑ X-out marking is available as an optional extension.
☑ Selectable working field size and laser power to meet specific demand.
☑ Complies with the SMEMA standard.

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Application and Samples

– Rigid FR4, Flexible printed circuit boards, PCBs
– Glass substrates
– Ceramic

Technical Specs

Laser TypeUV Laser
Wavelength355 nm 
Min Beam Diameter < 10 µm
Beam Quality M2 < 1.2
Pulse Frequency10 – 200 kHz
Output Power15/20 Watts
Repetition Accuracy3 μm
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Fθ Marking Field Size1.96″ x 1.96″(50mm x 50mm)
X, Y travel Distance15.74″ x 11.81″(400mm x 300 mm)
Laser Safety LevelClass I
Electrical Connection110 – 230 V (± 10%) 16 A,50/60 Hz
Power Consumed6 Kw
Dimensions41.73″ x 39.37″ x 72.83″ (1060mm x 1000mm x 1850mm)
Warranty Coverage1-year
Laser Safety ComplianceFDA(CDRH)
Running Temperature15℃-35℃ / 59°-95°F


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