Laser Welding of Industrial Parts

Laser welding of industrial parts. Laser heating processes the surface of the product, and the surface heat diffuses into the interior through heat conduction. During the processing, the laser pulse width, energy, peak power, and repetition frequency are controlled to melt the workpiece to form a specific molten pool.

Laser welding includes continuous or pulses welding. The principle of laser welding can be divided into heat conduction welding and laser deep penetration welding. Power density less than 10~10 W/cm is heat conduction welding. The characteristics of heat conduction welding are shallow penetration and slow welding speed; when power density is greater than 10~10 W/cm, the metal’s surface is heated into “cavities,” forming deep penetration welding. This welding method is fast and has a significant depth to width ratio.

Laser welding technology is widely used in high-precision manufacturing fields such as automobiles, ships, airplanes, and high-speed railways.

Laser Cutting of Industrial Parts

Laser cutting of industrial parts. The laser can be focused into a tiny spot for micro and precision processing, such as micro slits and micro holes. 

The laser can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional cutting or three-dimensional cutting of metal plates. Laser processing does not require tools and is non-contact processing. Compared with mechanical processing, the deformation is minimal.

Compared with traditional processing methods, other advantages of laser cutting processing are also very prominent. The cutting quality is good, the cut width is narrow, the heat-affected zone is small, the cut is smooth, the cutting speed is fast, it can cut any shape flexibly, and it is widely used in different metal materials cutting. The high-precision servo motor with superior performance and the transmission guiding structure can ensure the machine’s excellent motion accuracy at high speed.

High-speed laser cutting technology dramatically reduces the processing time and facilitates the processing at a low cost. 



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