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UV Laser De-coating Machine

UV Laser De-coating Machine

– Class I UV Laser for PCB board glue removal.

– The UV laser De-coating machine is a high-performance, turnkey laser marking system that can remove glue on critical printed circuit boards with a non-contact, thermal-free, and mechanical stress-free experience.

– A process contour is generated by an intelligent CCD recognized system to make a quick de-coating without damaging the substrate surface.



When the electronic components are inserted onto the PCB board identified as defective, they need to be removed and replaced with a functioning product. Before that, the glue stuck to the defective product needs to be removed. The traditional method of manual grinding or scraping is used, which is time-consuming, laborious, and the yield of PCB boards after this processing method is not high.

The laser glue removal method is environmentally friendly, has no chemical pollution, fast processing speed, and improved production efficiency.

Dual intelligent vision CCD systems are used for the edge of the board and fiducial recognition.

The heat-affected zone and material deformation are small.

Assemble with X, Y, Z three-axis high accuracy working table.

Low running cost, an ideal alternative solution to replace hand removal.

The software supports Serial Port and TCP/IP communication with the client-server.

Application and Samples

– PCB with glue
– PCB with coating

Technical Specs

Laser TypeUV De-coating
Wavelength355 nm
Min Beam Diameter< 10 µm
Beam Quality M2< 1.2
Pulse Frequency10 – 200 kHz
Output Power4 Watts
Repetition Accuracy± 0.0001 (0.003mm)
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Vision Systemhigh-performance CCD camera
Operation SystemWINDOWS 7 /10
Laser Safety LevelClass I
Electrical Connection110 – 230 V (± 10%) 16 A,50/60 Hz
Power Consumed2 kW
Warranty Coverage1- year
Laser Safety ComplianceFDA (CDRH)
Running Temperature15℃-35℃ / 59°-95°F


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