G3015 HF Expert Cutter
HF EXPERT High Precision Fiber Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

HF EXPERT High Precision Fiber Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

The HF EXPERT Fiber Industrial Laser Cutter features a safety-first enclosed design with protective windows, minimizing laser radiation, noise, and smoke for a healthier workspace.

It boasts rapid cutting speeds due to an optimized structure and advanced “Han’s 901 (Rexroth)” control system, enhancing output efficiency. Precision is key, with high-quality components ensuring reliability and accuracy.

Designed for convenience, it integrates essential systems within a compact frame, simplifying installation, reducing space, and cutting costs, making it maintenance-friendly and space-efficient.


● Max.Acceleration 3G, high-dynamic & high-productivity
● Laser cutting available power: 6kW-60kW, power up to 60kW, higher power leads to Higher Productivity
● Two-side doors, more accessible & more flexible
● Laser Safety, fully enclosed machine with OD 5+ laser glass windows
● Low N2 pressure cut, Less cutting time of the same batch, up to 67% Gas Saving
● Increased cutting area, be able to cut AS (American standard) sheet in “inch” size


Laser Safety, More Accessible & More Flexible

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  • Fully enclosed machine with OD 5+ laser glass windows:

● Protect the eves and skin from laser radiation;
● Reduce the noise pollution;
● Reduce the cutting smoke pollution;
● Provide a good working environment.

  • Adjustable operating terminal & front door + long side sliding door design, easy loading/unloading.
  • For variety of small piece, shorter response times for Demo-cut.

Extremely Fast

High-Dynamic & High-Productivity

Thanks to optimized frame & extruded aluminum gantry design equipped with “Han’s 901 (Rexroth)” real-time controller and powerful rexroth motors makes HF Expert reaches a very high speed and high acceleration, which means more parts or output in the same amount of time.

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Compact Design

Maintenance-friendly access, easy to install.

The design of HF EXPERT is compact and straightforward, making it not only easy to set up but also maintenance-friendly. All key components, like the electrical cabinet, laser source, pneumatic system, lubrication system, and table drive motors, are neatly integrated within the main frame. This smart integration allows for flexible placement, simplifies installation and upkeep, and enhances the efficiency of your production area by using space more effectively. Plus, it reduces the machine’s overall size, which can lead to savings on shipping costs.


More reliability & stability

HF EXPERT is designed with precision and reliability at its core. Thanks to a professional manufacturing process that uses high-precision components essential for transmission, HF EXPERT fiber laser cutting machines not only last longer but also ensure that the parts they produce are accurate and consistent in size. This combination of longevity and precision enhances both the stability and reliability of our products.

Ultra-High Power Suitable

Hollow structure machine bed
Ultra high power up to 60kW suitable, avoid the risk of high power lasers heat deformation, higher power leads to higher productivity, ensures the long-term, stable and efficient operation.

Heavy load capacity for Thick material

Hydraulic lifting exchange table (Optional)

  • Bevel cutting is available by using hydraulic lifting exchange table;
  • Two tables can pull out of cutting area at the same time;
  • Easy to do maintains job inside the machine;
  • Loading & unloading on the table does not affect the other;
  • Ensure good cutting quality when the other table is loading or unloading.
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Work Environment Friendly

Separation dust suction system

HF EXPERT fiber laser cutter comes with a dust multi-zone suction system that cleverly separates and removes dust. This system works by dividing the work area into different zones, each with its own suction power, ensuring that dust is efficiently cleared from each part. This not only helps in keeping the air clean but also reduces the risk of the cutting head getting contaminated. Enjoy a cleaner working environment with our smart dust removal technology.

Larger Cutting Area

Increased cutting area, be able to cut AS (American standard) sheet in “inch” size.

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Mix-M Device

Gas mixing cabinet patent of Han’s Laser (Optional)

Mix-M process function: equipped with a 20kW or higher power laser, suitable for rapid cutting of 10-40mm carbon steel, solving the problem of traditional medium and thick plate cutting sections and corner slag hanging, effectively improving the upper and lower taper and roughness of the workpiece, greatly improving processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy.

  • Cut speed is faster than cut with compressed air;
  • Cut plate is thicker than cut with compressed air;
  • Cut quality is better than cut with compressed air.
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Plate lifting and adjusting device (Optional)

  • Anti-scratch the underside of the sheet;
  • Easy to load and adjust the plate;
  • Ensure a good cut quality especially for stainless steel and aluminum.
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Lower Gas Consumption

Low N2 pressure cut

Faster cutting speed, less cutting time of the same batch, up to 67% Gas Saving.

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Automation Solutions

Strong technical support and many project experience, offer various automation solutions according to customer requirement.

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Technical Specs

ModelG3015 HF EXPERT
Available Laser Power6kW/12kW/20kW/30kW/40kW/50kW/60kW
Working Area120” X60” (3100mmx1600mm)
Max. Axis Positioning Speed (X/Y)280m/min
Max. Acceleration3G
Max. Sheet Weight4740lbs/table ( 2150kg/table )


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