Green Laser Marking Machine EP-20-SHG-S

Green Laser Marking Machine EP-20-SHG-S

Green laser marking machine for critical and sensitive materials.
Class 1 safety design secures the safety of the operator.
10W Green laser marking machine, 15W, 20W or specified laser power can be customized to meet the production requirement.
EP-20-SHG-S is a standard single-station design. The turntable with dual working stations is an optional classic design.



The EP-20-SHG-S green laser marker utilizes advanced green laser technology, characterized by high precision, high efficiency, and high stability. It is widely used in various industries such as electronics, automotive, medical, and jewelry.

  • Small heat-affected zone, it can achieve high-quality processing.
  • Wide applicable materials range can compensate for the shortage of infrared laser processing ability.
  • With good beam quality and a small focusing spot, it can achieve superfine marking.
  • High marking speed, high efficiency, and high precision.
  • No consumables, low cost and low maintenance fee.
  • The overall machine has stable performance, supporting the long-term operation.
  • Equipped with a high-precision positioning system, it ensures accurate marking placement, meeting the demands for high-precision processing.
  • Friendly user interface and simple operation workflow reduce operational difficulty and enhance user experience.
green laser marking machine
  • Personalized solutions and customized services are available to meet the unique needs of different customers.

Application and Samples

  • Green laser marking of electronic product’s LOGO, model, place of origin
  • Green laser marking of food, PVC pipe, medicine packaging material (HDPE, PO, PP and so on); micro-hole drilling, diameter d≤50μm
  • PCB laser marking, PCB laser depaneling, PCB laser singulation
  • Removal of metal or non-metallic coatings
  • Silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole laser processing
  • Laser marking of low-voltage apparatus and refractory materials

Technical Specs

Machine TypeEP-20-SHG-S
Wavelength532 nm 
Marking Speed250 characters per second
Beam Quality M2< 1.2
Mark the Minimum Line Width30μm-50μm
Laser Power10, 15, 20 W 
Marking Field Size100mm*100mm
The Standard LensF160
Laser Safety LevelClass I
Electrical Connection220V /15A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumed1.5 Kw – 2.0 Kw
Warranty Coverage1-year

Options and Accessories

3 Axis XYZ worktable, Rotary attachment, Jewelry magic grip, Rubber roller, F-Theta focal lens.


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