Green Laser Marking Machine EP-20-SHG-S

Green Laser Marking Machine EP-20-SHG-S

– Green laser marking machine for critical and sensitive materials.

– Class 1 safety design secures the safety of the operator.

– 10W Green laser marking machine, 15W, 20W or specified laser power can be customized to meet the production requirement.

– EP-20-SHG-S is a standard single-station design. The turntable with dual working stations is an optional classic design.



☑ Small heat-affected zone, it can achieve high-quality processing.
☑ Wide applicable materials range can compensate for the shortage of infrared laser processing ability.
☑ With good beam quality and a small focusing spot, it can achieve superfine marking.
☑ High marking speed, high efficiency, and high precision.
☑ No consumables, low cost and low maintenance fee.
☑ The overall machine has stable performance, supporting the long-term operation.
green laser marking machine

Application and Samples

– Green laser marking of electronic product’s LOGO, model, place of origin
– Green laser marking of food, PVC pipe, medicine packaging material (HDPE, PO, PP and so on); micro-hole drilling, diameter d≤50μm
– PCB laser marking, PCB laser depaneling, PCB laser singulation
– Removal of metal or non-metallic coatings
– Silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole laser processing
– Laser marking of low-voltage apparatus and refractory materials

Technical Specs

Machine TypeEP-20-SHG-S
Wavelength532 nm 
Marking Speed250 characters per second
Beam Quality M2< 1.2
Mark the Minimum Line Width30μm-50μm
Laser Power10, 15, 20 W 
Marking Field Size100mm*100mm
The Standard LensF160
Laser Safety LevelClass I
Electrical Connection220V /15A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumed1.5 Kw – 2.0 Kw
Warranty Coverage1-year

Options and Accessories

3 Axis XYZ worktable, Rotary attachment, Jewelry magic grip, Rubber roller, F-Theta focal lens.


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