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Wafer Laser Marking System

Wafer Laser Marking System

– Class I UV Laser for multiple sizes wafer marking.

– Wafer laser marking machine is widely used in the semiconductor industry due to its apparent advantages, such as high marking accuracy, fast speed, and permanent marking.

– Wafer marking on the die requires good marking quality. High cleanliness levels will ensure traceability and reliability.


● Applicable for the 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch wafer marking.
● With UV laser, the focusing spot is fine, and it is non-contact marking.
● Fully-automatic loading and unloading, automatic edge searching, simple operation and high efficiency.
● The whole system adopts computer control, Windows operation platform,interface in English, self-developed software, easy to operate.
● With high automation, it has the function of automatic fault alarm.
● Precise marking to the product DIE.


A laser is used to print the lot number (such as ABC1234) directly above the wafer to ensure the entire process chain’s traceability. This lot number is composed of many recessed holes. There may be some derivatives after marking, which will accumulate around the pits. Excessive or hard protrusions may scratch the wafer’s surface in the later process and cause the wafer to be scrapped. Ultraviolet laser processing is a cold processing method that solves accumulation, making it an ideal wafer marking program.
– Automatic wafer pick-up from the magazine
– Finding wafers automatically with edge seeker 
– Automatic positioning marking with the visual system
– The visual inspection system is available
– Available to mark on the backside of the wafer through the transmittance film 
– Complies with the SMEMA standard
– SMIF and other automatic loading and unloading modules can be selected as an extension
– UV and Green laser modules can be selected upon to the demand

Application and Samples

6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch wafer front or back marking

Technical Specs

Laser TypeUV Laser
Wavelength355 nm 
Min Beam Diameter < 10 µm
Beam Quality M2< 1.2
Pulse Frequency10 – 200 kHz
Output Power10 Watts
Repetition Accuracy2 μm
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Fθ Marking Field Size1.96″ x 1.96″ (50mm x 50mm)
X, Y travel Distance15.74″ x 11.81″ (400mm x 300 mm)
Laser Safety LevelClass I
Electrical Connection110 – 230 V (± 10%) 20 A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumed5 Kw
Warranty Coverage1-year
Laser Safety ComplianceFDA(CDRH)
Running Temperature15℃-35℃ / 59°-95°F

Options and Accessories

SMIF, other automatic loading and unloading modules


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