20W Split Fiber Laser Engraving Marker Machine HM20

20W Split Fiber Laser Engraving Marker Machine HM20

The HM series fiber laser marking machine, known for its compactness, precision, stability, and eco-friendly, quiet operation, stands as a market-leading product.

Featuring the IPG Q-switched fiber laser, it offers stable and reliable laser output.

With a split-type structure, the industrial PC and control box can be placed separately, offering wide application possibilities. Optional standard console.

Good marking quality on metal and non-metal materials are reachable with the advantage of a variety of pulse width and frequency setting.



The HM20 fiber laser marking machine delivers high-quality, reliable laser output, capable of engraving on metal materials and non-metal materials. It allows for the creation of various texts, symbols, and patterns, with character sizes ranging from millimeters to micrometers. This capability holds special significance for product authentication, traceability, and marking.
The HM series laser marking machine consists of a laser source, XY galvanometer and drivers, optical system, cooling system, control system, and a worktable.

  • Support CAD data (DXF), PLT, BMP, JPG, and AI (with edition limit).
  • Able to mark 1D, 2D bar code, GS1 code, Series numbers, Batch number, Logo, company information.
  • High marking precision, fine line widths and minimal heat-affected zones, meeting the demands for high accuracy.
  • Fast marking, high processing efficiency, enhancing production efficiency.
  • Supports automatic serial marking, allowing for adjustable font, size, spacing, and arc layouts.
  • The HM20 fiber laser marker ensures stable, high-quality marking with a long lifespan and low maintenance, reducing operational costs.
split fiber marker
  • The marking control software, running on Windows, offers convenience, ease of use, and advanced graphic processing, supporting functions like generation, movement, stretching, rotation, mirroring, copying, and deletion of graphics.
  • Laser marking software could be customized to meet the customer’s unique demand.
  • The software supports Serial Port and TCP/IP communication with the client-server.

Technical Specs

Laser TypeYtterbium Fiber
Laser Power20W
Standard Marking Field3.93” x 3.93” (100mm x 100mm)
Optional: 6.3” x 6.3” (160mm x 160mm)
Frequency range1.6-1000KHZ
CoolingAir Cooled
Aiming Beam(2) Class IIIa /3R Red Diode
Operation SystemWindows 10
Operation Conditions
Ambient Conditions50°F – 86 °F, Humidity ≤80%
Air RequiredN/A
Input Power110-240VAC 50/60HZ

Options and Accessories

Fume Extractor
Rotary indexerE-RJC-100
Magic Grid
F-Theta lensF160mm/F254mm
Rotary indexer


The E-RJC-100 is designed to mark around the cylindrical objects and can be used with any of our laser markers. Suitable for automatic rotating division marking on light load of cone surface. It is widely applied in the marking of jewelry such as rings and bracelets.
Motor: stepper motor;
Clamp: 2~50mm (axis diameter); 16~50mm (hole diameter);
Max. Rotating speed: 1 turn /sec;
Rotating Precision: ±30′;
Rotating head with any adjustable elevation or plunge angle;
Software: Standard Han’s Laser marking software.

Holds workpieces, small cylindrical pieces and rings in the ideal position for etching.
Continuous motion chuck, that works for holding outside or inside of the work piecesmoothly.
To be used with E-RJC-100 Rotation.

Magic Grid

F-Theta lens

F-Theta lens

F160 Theta lens: 100mm*100mm, 4”x4”
F254 Theta lens: 160mm*160mm, 6”x6”
F430 Theta lens: 300mm*300mm, 11.8” * 11.8”
*Selection of focusing lens is subject to marking size desire and marking effect.

Application and Samples

The split laser engraving machine can be integrated into mass production lines, and is applicable to industries such as hardware products, 3C components, auto parts, consumer electronics, packaging industry, jewelry, textile & leather, semi conductor, glass & optical units, medical devices, fittings & fixtures, solar panels, household appliances, and kitchen and bathroom.
1.Diverse metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, tungsten steel, gold, silver, anodized aluminum, brass, copper, and aluminum, etc.
2.Non-metal materials include rubber, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, coating wood, etc.
3.Black and color marking on stainless steel and titanium metal.
4.1D, 2D, and GS1 Code 128, etc.

  • Jewelry Samples

  • Hardware and Tools Samples

  • Bearing Samples

  • Others

Note: Due to variations in materials’ light absorption, surface roughness, and coating thickness, the above image results are for reference only. Actual effects may vary based on sample testing.


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