PD Series Metal Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

PD Series Metal Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The PD series metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine excels in efficiency and precision, integrating advanced laser, engineering, and control technologies for cutting a variety of metal pipes.

It features a robust horizontal structure with high-precision components and automatic loading capabilities, enhancing productivity.

The system includes a secure clamping mechanism with digital monitoring, a rear chuck designed for thermal stability, and multiple feeding options, both automatic and semi-automatic, ensuring optimal operation and accuracy.

Additionally, it supports various operator adjustments and is equipped for both heavy-duty and precise small tube cutting tasks.


● Processing range: φ20-φ110mm, 口20-110mm
● Processing tube length: 6200mm
● Scrap tail length: 60mm
● Processing type: round tube, square tube, rectangular tube angle steel, channel steel, etc.
● Applications: Metal furniture displayshelves, agricultural machineryfitness equipment.


PD Series Makes Tube Cutting More Efficient

  • The PD series metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine is a precise CNC automated laser pipe cutter that combines laser cutting, precision engineering, and numerical control technology.
  • It’s primarily used for cutting various metal pipes, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy (available in square, round, and oval shapes).
  • This machine is highly favored in the metal pipe processing industry for its professional-grade capabilities, fast operation, high precision, efficiency, and excellent cost performance.
pipe laser cutting
pipe cutting machine

Horizontal Structure Bed

  • The PD series fiber laser pipe cutting machine features a horizontal layout, gears and racks, and high-precision linear guide rails, ensuring smooth and accurate transmission.
  • It comes equipped with fully automatic loading and unloading devices, significantly boosting the machine tool’s production efficiency.

Clamping System

  • The clamping system ensures high safety by maintaining pressure even when the gas supply is cut off.
  • Its mechanical transmission structure is designed with a high safety factor, enabling stable operation for continuous 24-hour production.
  • The gripper features a short stroke with high repeat accuracy.
  • Additionally, it includes digital monitoring for real-time identification of the pipe size being clamped.
cutting pipe machine
fiber laser pipe cutter

Rear Chuck

  • The PD series rear chuck features an effective exhaust structure with excellent internal sealing.
  • It is equipped with front and rear air exhausters to remove high-temperature gases from the tube. This prevents thermal deformation from affecting accuracy, effectively clears cutting dust, and enhances the working environment.
  • Additionally, the chuck is designed with a recognizable structure for clamping different pipe sizes, and it includes corresponding sensors for accurate operation.

Floating Support

  • The X-axis adopts gear and rack transmission and linear guide rail guidance, ensuring reliable operation;
  • The servo auxiliary support device floats up and down to ensure effective support, prevent the pipe from sagging, and improve processing accuracy.
fiber laser pipe cutter
pipe laser cutter

Han’s Precision Cutting Head

  • Han’s Laser has independently developed a specialized fiber laser cutting head.
  • This cutting head is equipped with a capacitive sensor that provides high accuracy and sensitive responses, ensuring the most stable and reliable performance. It features a single-lens chamber with a 5″ cutting head. The drawer-style lens case simplifies lens replacement.

Laser Source

The PD series automatic pipe laser cutting machine is equipped with a high-power fiber laser from IPG Photonics, a leading and the largest fiber laser manufacturer in the world.

cutting pipe machine
fiber laser pipe cutting machine

Adjustable Console

  • The console can be adjusted in real time according to operator heights.
  • Multi angle rotation operation, convenient for observation while operating, and suitable for various operation conditions.

Automation device

Automation Device

Full Automatic Feeding System (Optional)

● This fully automatic loading device stacks bundles of materials in a silo and automatically handles the loading and feeding processes until materials reach the turntable’s clamping position. Cut workpieces then slide directly onto the finished frame.
● Additionally, a pipe length detection device on the feeding belt ensures that the feeding chuck precisely positions itself for clamping materials.

fiber laser pipe cutter
Automation Device
pipe cutting machine

Semi-Automatic Feeding System (Optional)

Place an entire row of pipes manually on the material rack, and they will be automatically fed to the clamping position on the turntable. Cut workpieces slide directly onto the finished frame. A photoelectric detection device on the mobile chuck ensures that the pipes reach the correct position for secure clamping.

Automation Device

Floating Support Unloading (4m or 2.5m) (Optional)

The cut workpiece smoothly slides directly into the finished box. This system includes a tube length detection device that ensures the feeding chuck accurately positions itself to clamp the material securely.

cutter pipe
Automation Device
pipe laser cutting

Auxiliary Device for Small Tube Cutting (Optional)

● This device is specifically crafted for cutting small round tubes ranging in diameter from 10mm to 20mm and requires manual loading.
● For tubes, both round and square, with diameters between 10mm and 15mm, the raw material length must be under 4 meters.

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Technical Specs

Laser Source Power1000W⁄2000W⁄3000W⁄4000W (Customizable)
Max. Machining RangeΦ 0.79” – 7” □ 0.79”- 7” (Optional:Φ 0.79” – 4.33” □ 0.79”- 4.33”)
[ Φ 20-180 mm □ 20-180 mm (Optional: Φ 20-110 mm □ 20-110 mm) ]
Max. Speed (A, B axis)120r/min (Optional: 150r/min)
X/Y Axis Rapid Traverse Speed120m/min
Max. Load Capacity574lbs (260kg)
Max. Material Length480” (12200mm)


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