20W~50W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers

20W~50W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers

– HFM Series is a series of MOPA pulsed fiber lasers independently developed by Han’s Laser, with excellent beam quality and extremely stable single-pulse energy.

– Compared with Q-switched lasers, the pulse duration and frequency of MOPA lasers are independently adjustable, enabling stable high peak power output.

– HFM Series has a variety of average power outputs, which can meet the needs of different marking application scenarios.


Application and Samples

• Metal and non-metal surface marking
• Sheet metal drilling
• Product paint/coating removal, cleaning
• Product QR code tracing
• Flying marking

Technical Specs

Center wavelength/nm1050~1070nm1050~1070nm1050~1070nm1050~1070nm
Average power /W20203050
Max single pulse energy /mJ0.
Beam quality M21.0~1.41.2~2.01.2~2.01.2~2.0
Optional number of pulses16888
Frequency range/KHz1.6~30001.6~30001.6~30001.6~3000
Max peak power/KW>10>10>10>10
Output spot diameter/mm6~96~96~96~9
Output fiber length/m2.
Long time power fluctuation1~3%1~3%1~3%1~3%
Red guide lightYesYesYesYes
Operating voltage /V24242424
Operating power/W100100150250
Cooling modeAirAirAirAir
Working temperature /℃0~400~400~400~40
Working environment humidity10~95%10~95%10~95%10~95%
Product dimension(L*W*H)/mm292*235*72292*235*72292*235*72364*275*85


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