G3015 J Cutter
G3015-J Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

G3015-J Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The G3015-J sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine offers cutting-edge features, including an Automatic Dual-pallets Changer, an extruded aviation aluminum gantry beam, and a maximum speed of 100m/min.

Equipped with the Han’s EtherCATBus-Control CNC System, it delivers precise processing for all metal types, excelling in corner and angle cuts, productive circle processing, and flexible multi-tasking.


● Available power: 2kW-20kW
● Automatic Dual-pallets Changer
● Extruded Aviation Aluminum Gantry Beam
● Max. Running Speed up to 100m/min
● Han’s patented EtherCAT Bus-Control CNC System
● Precision Algorithm for Corners and Angles
● Compatible with all types of metal sheets from 1-10mm


Standard container delivery

Standard container delivery

Self-developed CNC system

Self-developed CNC system

Hollow structure machine frame

“Zoning” ventilation

Advanced Stability

  • Material and Initial Processing: The equipment’s bed and beam are constructed from high-strength carbon steel, undergoing rough machining post-annealing to remove internal stress.
  • Secondary Processing for Stability: After secondary vibration aging treatment, the components are finely machined, significantly enhancing the machine’s overall stability.
  • Design Features for Precision: The bed features a dual-level and hollow design, minimizing heat conduction during operation, which preserves stability and precision over time.
sheet metal laser cutter
sheet metal laser cutting machine

Compact and Efficient Machine Cabinet Design

  • Efficiency and Space-Saving: Integrated cabinet design minimizes machine footprint.
  • Flexible Placement: Design simplifies installation and maintenance, offering placement versatility.
  • Enhanced Space Utilization: Significantly improves production area use.
  • Cost-Effective Transportation: Can be packaged and shipped in a single 40GP container, reducing operational costs.

Intelligent Zoning Ventilation System

  • Independent Dust Removal Zones: Includes double-row and four-row configurations for targeted dust control.
  • High-Seal Dampers: Each zone is equipped with multiple dampers to prevent leakage.
  • Intelligent Operation: Dampers automatically open and close in response to cutting activities.
  • Efficient Ventilation: Ensures a clean air environment during operations.
  • Effective Dust Removal: Significantly reduces dust accumulation, enhancing machine and worker safety.
laser cutting machine price
sheet metal laser cutting G3015-J
sheet metal cutting price

Integrated Cabinet Air Conditioning for Industrial Applications

  • Industrial-Grade Performance: Designed for robust and reliable operation in industrial environments.
  • Consistent Temperature Maintenance: Keeps electrical components within the cabinet at a stable temperature.
  • Extended Component Service Life: Significantly reduces the risk of temperature-related wear and degradation.
  • Prevents Common Electrical Issues: Averts issues such as short circuits, commonly linked to inefficient cooling methods like fan cooling.

Automatic Oil Pumping System

  • Introduction of Electronic Control Device: Enhances double table mechanical structures.
  • Automatic Oil Pumping: Eliminates the need for manual lubrication.
  • Improved Production Efficiency: Streamlines maintenance processes, reducing downtime.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Ensures consistent operation of the host machine.

Technical Specs

ModelG3015 J
Available power2kW-20kW
X-axis120″ x 60″ ( 3000mm x 1500mm )
Y-axis122″ ( 3100mm )
Max.speed [/min]60″ ( 1530mm )
Max.Acceleration [ X / Y ]1.6G
Max.load weight [/table]2205lbs/pcs ( 1000kg/pcs )
Dimensions [L*W*H]315″ x 110″ x 79″ ( 8000mm x 2800mm x 2000mm )

Processing Materials


Aluminium Alloy
Thickness: 1-15mm


Thickness: 1-6mm

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel
Thickness: 1-25mm

Stainless Steel
Thickness: 1-25mm


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