– FR is a new generation of multi-sensing autonomous vehicles from Han’s Robot, used for indoor intralogistics tasks.

– It can autonomously transport items and navigate freely in its environment.

– As a mobile robot, it makes the labor of the workers easier and improves business efficiency.

– This robot is also equipped with obstacle avoidance radar, which can work continuously and safely without interruption.

– Moreover, it has built-in autonomous navigation system and dispatching software, which enable multiple FR to serve simultaneously, keep the production running and maintain the flexibility of its manipulation.



  • Fast Charging – High speed charging and long endurance
  • Heavy Payload – Payload 200kg / 1200 kg
  • High Level of Safety – 3D Visual Sensor (optional)
  • High Speed – MAX Speed 1.5 m/s

Multi-sensing Autonomous Vehicle

Technical Specs

Basic parametersPayload200 kg1200 kg
MAX Loading Current20A95A
ActuationDifferential Drive
MAX Velocity1.5 m/s
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP , Modbus
Outbound InterfaceWiFi , 1 x RJ45
IP ClassificationIP54
Weight(lifting units)(100/120) kg(280/310) kg
Positioning Accuracy±10mm
Safety Laser Scanner 360°PLd/ Category 3 (ISO 13849‒ 1)
Navigation ModeLaser SLAM
Lifting Units1x200kg , 1 x 0-60mm4x400kg , 4 x 0-50mm
Battery parametersBattery VoltageDC 48v
Battery Capacity46AH125AH
Charging VoltageAC220V , 50-60Hz
Charging Time2hr(s  Automated)/ 1.5hrs(Manual)2.5hr(s  Automated)/ 2hrs(Manual)
Running Time (no load)15h24h
Charging ModeAutomated / Manual
SensorVision (optional)RealSense ‒ D415 Camera
SafetyTouchless Safe Human Detection | Safety Scanners
SoftwareOperating SoftwareRobot application software / Dispatching software
Open ArchitectureAGV API
Safety FeaturesSafe Human Detection, Safe Speed Control
Programming FeaturesHuman-Robot-InteractionMotion tracking, PC based GUI
Environment VisualizationDynamic Mapping (SLAM)
Fleet ManagementFormation Driving, Fleet Monitoring Tool
OthersWarranty12 months


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