TD Series 2-6kW Tube Laser Cutting Machine

TD Series 2-6kW Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The TD series tube laser cutter offers a modular design for tailored setups and a wide processing range to handle various tube shapes and sizes.

Its compact structure maximizes space efficiency, and its negative pressure dust removal system ensures clean operations.

The tube cutter machine bed and pneumatic chuck are built for durability and precision.

High-tech features include a capacitive sensor cutting head, a robust laser source, and advanced nesting software for efficient operations and minimal waste.


● Compatible with tubes and profiles such as Round, Square, Oval,Channel Steel, Angle Steel, l-beam and etc.
● Less space occupation, larger spacing, round tube 15-220mm, available for 330mm
● “Negative Air Pressure Ventilation” environmental friendly dust removal
● One-touch remote control, facilitate each manual adjustment
● Independent nesting software for tube processing


TD Series Makes Tube Cutting More Efficient

  • The TD series tube laser cutting machine is primarily designed for cutting metal tubes, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy tubes (square, round, and oval shapes).
  • It offers high precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for the metal tube processing industry.
tube laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine tube

Modular Design

Han’s Laser TD series tube laser cutter features a versatile modular loading and unloading structure. This design allows users to customize the setup according to their specific needs, offering greater flexibility.

Large Processing Range

The TD series tube laser cutting machine can handle a wide variety of shapes and sizes including round tubes from 15 to 220 mm, square tubes from 15 to 150 mm, as well as oval tubes, channel steel, angle steel, I-beams, and other special-shaped tubes.

laser cutting machine for tubes
tube laser cutter

Compact Design

The tube cutter machine is space-efficient, measuring only 11 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 2.8 meters in height. Its optimized electronic control design and high integration streamline the workspace.

Negative Pressure Dust Removal System

The tube’s interior and the cutting area use a negative pressure suction system for dust removal. This method is highly effective at eliminating dust, resulting in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly operation.

tube cutter
tube cutter

Long-Lasting Machine Bed

  • The TD series tube laser cutter machine bed features a horizontal design with high-precision gear racks and linear guide rails for stable, accurate transmission. It includes a blanking device to boost efficiency.
  • The welded lathe bed undergoes rough machining, vibration aging, and precise finishing to ensure durability and maintain its shape and precision without deformation.

Pneumatic Chuck

  • The pneumatic chuck utilizes a four-claw roller for clamping, which includes a self-centering feature activated by synchronized grasping and clamping.
  • Both the feeding and fixed chuck seats are made from a plate welding structure. They undergo a series of treatments including high-temperature annealing, rough machining, vibration aging, and high-precision machining. This process ensures the chuck has excellent rigidity, is lightweight, and performs dynamically well.
tube cutting laser
laser cutting machine for tubes

Han’s Laser Cutting Head

  • The cutting head adopts capacitive sensor, which has high sensing accuracy, sensitive response, stable and reliable performance.
  • It is equipped with high-resolution, high-precision servo motors for the X, Y, Z linear axes and A, B rotary axes. These motors provide high precision, high speed, and large torque, contributing to the machine’s large inertia and durability. This ensures stable performance and supports the machine’s high speed and acceleration.

Laser Source

  • The fiber laser developed by Han’s Laser offers a high photoelectric conversion rate, stable power output, and strong resistance to high reactions.
  • It provides several advantages such as a large heat dissipation area, excellent beam quality, and compact size.
  • Compared to gas and solid-state lasers, it exhibits significant benefits, making it a leading choice in the industry.
tube laser cutter
laser cutting machine tube

Professional Nesting Software

  • Multi-level perforation options, with flexible combinations of segmented or progressive cutting.
  • Enhanced resistance to high reactions.
  • A variety of cutting modules that are straightforward and practical, featuring intersecting line cuts, various grooves, holes, patterns, and angle cuts. The “what you see is what you get” interface ensures accuracy and ease of use.
  • It can output CAM files and CNC cutting programs tailored for cutting both round and various square tubes.
  • Compatible with multiple types of CNC laser cutting machines, supporting several axes.
  • Works on Windows 98/2000/NT/Vista operating systems and offers interfaces in both Chinese and English.

Automation Device

Automation Device

Fully Automatic Feeding Module (Optional)

The fully automatic feeding module can be added to the back of tube cutting machine. This module includes a raw material stacking rack that automatically supplies pipes, significantly enhancing the loading speed and overall production efficiency.

Fully Automatic
Automation Device
Semi Automatic Feeding

Semi-Automatic Feeding Module (Optional)

The semi-automatic feeding module can be installed at the front of tube laser cutting machine. This setup allows for easy batch placement of pipes on shelves, greatly reducing the time needed to prepare raw materials.

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Technical Specs

Laser Source Power2000w ⁄ 3000w ⁄ 4000w ⁄ 6000w (optional)
Max. Machining RangeΦ0.6”-8.66” □0.6”-5.9” φ0.6”-10” □0.6”-7.87” φ0.43”-13” □0.4”-9”
(φ15-220 mm □15-150mm φ15-254 mm □15-200mm φ11-330 mm □10-230mm)
Cutting Speed100rpm
Max. Weight of Single Tube220lbs/330lbs/485lbs (100kg/150kg/200kg)
Unload Tube Length (Custom)0-79” (0-2000mm)
Positioning Speed100m/min


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