P5060-CO2-100 Laser Precision Cutting Machine

P5060-CO2-100 Laser Precision Cutting Machine

With a fully enclosed processing area, the P5060 Series CO2 laser cutter is the perfect tool for engraving and cutting of your favorite designs in acrylic, wood, silicone, PCB, plastic, rubber stamps, leather, glass and many more non-metal materials.

– Under the CCD camera vision system,Precise positioning and precise cutting can be achieved.

– Onsite installation and training, and one year warranty.



☑ CO2 laser Cutting machines function by essentially bouncing light emissions between mirrors until the beam is strong enough to penetrate a partially transparent mirror at the tip of the laser head.
☑ Imported optical elements are adopted.
☑ A waste collection box for easy waste cleaning.
☑ Han’s Laser Independently developed cutting software.
☑ Imported metal RF laser tube, excellent beam quality, long life, high stability.
☑ These machines, which provide excellent value for the price, can engrave complex designs quickly and accurately while leaving behind minimal dust.

Brief Laser Cutting Principle & Applications:

P5060 Series Laser Cutter applications: wood, conductive film, paper, acrylic board and PET film. Laser cutting is the process of cutting material by means of electron discharge as the energy source. The following diagram describe the principle of Laser cutting Succinctly. Laser cutting technology is an ideal solution for modern factories to improve cutting technology, and also an ideal way for family workshops to enter into modern processing industry. 

Machine Outline Size(Fyi.)

Application and Samples

Cutting for requirements with high precise consumer electronics industries,such as mobile shell,keypad sprue,touch screen,display conductive coating,display panel,and etc.

>PCB circuit board,PC panel,acrylic shell and rear-projection panel cutting.
>High precise electrical insulated soft board cutting.
>Curing some other materials which easy to generate smoke,such as button made frome resin material.
>Touch screen and cover FILM,wearable industry, and other non-metallic materials plane 2d precision cutting.

Technical Specs

Laser TypeCO2
Optional Laser Power100w
Work Piece Size Accuracy100w
Specification Sheet:
Laser  power100W CO2
X/Y axis  travel 23.62″ x 19.68″ (600 x 500mm)
Maximum placement of workpiece 22.2″ x 26.53″ x 5.51″ (564mm×674mmx140mm)
Processing  effective area23.62″ x 19.68″ (600mm x 500mm)
Transmission structureServo motor, precision screw, Precision guide rail 
Machine speed  0~20 inch / sec (0~500mm/ sec)
Actual cutting speed (mm/ sec)According to the material and laser.
Machine repeatability ≤±0.01mm
Machine positioning accuracy≤±0.02 mm
Workpiece dimension accuracy≤±0.05mm (Related to the cutting material.)

List of Machine Component

NumProject NameComponent NameQuantity
1Drive SystemX axis  lead screw1
Y axis servo motor1
X axis  lead screw2
Y axis servo motor1
2Optical SystemLaser Tube1
Optical Lens6
Cutting Head1
3Mainbody of MachineSteel Frame1
4Control SystemMotion control board1
Liquid Crystal Display1
Special Cutting Software1
5Loactions systemCCD (optional)1

Options and Accessories

We have mature options and accessories to fit your specific application. A custom solution is always welcomed to consult.


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