ALU series laser cutting automated production lines

Brand New ALU Series Laser Cutting Automatic Production Line


In the fast-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the imperative to upgrade and transform has never been more pressing. Han’s Laser is at the forefront of this transformation, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation with the development and breakthrough of key technologies, core components, and high-end equipment. The newly upgraded ALU series laser cutting automated production lines represent a significant leap forward in this journey, setting new references for efficiency, flexibility, and automation.

The New Structure of the ALU Series

The ALU series is Han’s Laser’s first laser cutting flexible production line of the same series, featuring an entirely new upgrade and structure. It integrates a laser cutting machine and a production line intelligent scheduling control system, both of which are designed and manufactured by Han’s Laser. This high integration ensures a faster operational tempo and guarantees continuity, high efficiency, intelligence, and stability in production.

ALU Series

Enhanced Coordination and Efficiency

The ALU series is engineered to overcome common manufacturing challenges such as low efficiency, dependence on manual labor, long production cycles, and low product added value. By enhancing the flexibility and automation of production processes, the ALU series empowers manufacturers to break free from these limitations, driving business transformation and competitiveness, and enabling a shift towards more advanced and intelligent manufacturing practices.

Technical Specifications

1.Increased Speed

  • Horizontal movement: 60m/min
  • Lifting: 9m/min
  • Fork opening and closing: 10m/min

2.Higher Precision

Controlled by a high-torque servo motor, positioning accuracy is less than 1mm.

3.Improved Efficiency

Production efficiency is enhanced by 25%-30%. The automated line facilitates a complete automatic cycle from production scheduling, material storage, retrieval, loading, cutting, unloading, to scrap transfer, significantly shortening the process time and saving on labor and time costs.

Intelligent Material Storage and Management

1.Smart Storage Towers

Available in single or double tower configurations with 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 slots, customizable to the number of storage positions.

ALU Series Smart Storage Towers

2.Automated Large-Scale Storage

Multiple storage columns coupled with a stacker crane allow for smart large-scale storage capabilities, accommodating raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products.

laser cutting automated production lines

3.Intelligent Detection Functions

Automatic weight and height checks upon material entry into the storage with over-limit alarms to prevent errors.

Advanced Loading and Unloading Mechanisms

1.Loading Robot

  • Servo-controlled for precise positioning and swift, flexible movement.
  • Uses vacuum suction pads with independent vacuum control for each pad, allowing quick response times and flexible adjustment of suction areas based on material dimensions.

ALU Series Loading Robot

2.Unloading Robot

  • Also servo-controlled, ensuring precise positioning and efficient, fast movements.
  • The fork part uses high-quality steel tubing to enhance strength and load capacity, with a large chamfer on the fork tips to prevent jamming and ensure stable operation.

ALU Series Unloading Robot

Smart Scheduling and Control System

1.Integrated with Han’s FMS

An additional “brain” simplifies task execution, eliminating the need for separate control of the cutting machine and loading/unloading processes.

Han's FMS

2.Real-time Monitoring

Equipment status, operation commands, progress of tasks, and historical records can all be viewed in real-time, facilitating efficient production management.

Modular Design and Scalability

The ALU automated production line boasts a modular design, allowing for flexible combinations and configurations as per demand. Expansion interfaces are reserved to connect to MES, enabling future line extensions and additional machines to prepare for integration into a smart digital workshop.

automated production lines


Compatible Models

Automated loading and unloading production line specifically designed for Han’s Laser cutting machines.

Compatible with multiple series of Han’s laser cutting machines.



Han’s Laser’s ALU series not only represents a technical advancement in laser cutting technology but also a paradigm shift in manufacturing practices. By offering highly automated, precise, and efficient solutions, it enables manufacturers to achieve higher productivity and pave the way towards the future of high-end, intelligent manufacturing.

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